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Why 2 Real Estate Investors Switched to Trust Deeds

Here’s what Judy and Dennis have to say about investing in trust deeds.

Today I’m blessed to be joined by Judy and Dennis Stover, two of our long-time investor clients. I wanted to ask them a few questions about why they decided to invest in trust deeds and what benefits they’ve received.

Why did you decide to invest in trust deeds?

We were looking for a place to put some funds, and we thought trust deeds were a golden opportunity.

**You guys have always stayed away from the stock market in favor of real estate. Did the relationship between trust deeds and real estate make the jump easier for you? **

Once we understood GNT’s integrity and honesty about the process, we felt very comfortable putting money into trust deeds. At this point, we prefer investing in trust deeds to owning real estate since we don’t have to maintain the properties, and the potential return on our investment is even higher.

“With trust deeds, we’re confident we’ll see a consistent cash flow every month. ”

**How does the cash flow from trust deeds differ from owning real estate? **

The biggest thing is peace of mind. We know how much money we’re getting back every month. When you own, you always have to have money saved in case the water heater goes bad or some other problem occurs. Now, the money comes in every month without a hitch.

We also love seeing the neighborhood improve because of the loans we back. We get to make our mark on our area in a positive way, and that’s really been a blessing since we started investing with GNT.

I would like to thank Judy and Dennis once again for speaking with me today. If you are interested in trust deeds or have any questions, please call or email me. I’d love to help!

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