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What Types of Loans Does GNT Fund?

Here are the types of loans GNT funds. Are we right for you?

Today I’m discussing the types of loans that GNT funds. We fund a wide variety of loans, however we focus primarily on private money lending. 

In the private money area, we generally look at ground-up construction financing, from residential to commercial to multi-family. We also do straight acquisition loans, which are simply loans for investors who are buying a piece of property and need to close quickly. We can often close our loans in as little as seven days. We fund  loans amounts from a couple hundred thousand dollars up to $2.5 million, and  we’re very efficient at getting you through the approval  and funding process.

“We primarily do private money lending.”

GNT also funds bridge loans as well as  renovation financing, which is financing for someone who has a property that needs some construction completed. We love any transaction where someone is adding value to their property. We’re extremely creative and like to close deals that make sense and are good for the borrower and our investors. When it comes to institutional loans, GNT also has access to provide non-QM loans as well as institutional A-paper loans for our clients. 

If you need financing, we would love to chat with you about it. Feel free to call us or visit our website. We would enjoy an opportunity to work with you.  Your completed transaction is our success.


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